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Statement of Purpose

Forget Me Not Home Care Services - Statement of Purpose

This document provides information about Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd for users of our service, those who are considering use of our service, and the friends, relatives, carers and representatives of service users and potential service users.

Aims and Objectives

Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd aims to provide care and support for individuals in their own homes, according to the individual’s needs and preferences and at times to fit in with the individual’s own routine. Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd wants to ensure that all individuals receive the best possible care. We aim to ensure that all care is provided by a small, friendly, local team so that the individual receives personalised, consistent support. We understand the importance of independence and choice and ensure that all support is tailored to enable the individual to take as much control over their lives as they are able. We support individuals to maintain contact with their families, friends and key people. Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd has links in local communities and works as part of a multi-disciplinary team with other agencies as required.

Services Provided

Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd provides home care services in each individual’s home. This will include support with any and all daily living activities such as washing and dressing, taking medication, cooking and eating, shopping and domestic tasks around the home. We will provide assistance with form filling as required and will support the individual’s attendance at any social or medical appointment outside the home if required to do so. We see the individual’s family as care partners and will engage with them to provide services that meet the needs of the individual and key people. Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd wishes to provide an inclusive and personalised service and we will carry out an initial assessment of each individual’s needs and preferences prior to our services being arranged. This assessment will be revisited, reviewed and amended as necessary throughout the term of the provision.

Service Provider

Karen E Francis

85 High street
Hadleigh IP7 5EA

Telephone: 07884367942
Telephone: 01473 82 99 77

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How do we meet CQC Essential Standards?

Involvement and Information

Forget Me Not Home Services endeavours to ensure that every individual is actively involved in their care. From the first meeting, we engage with individuals and their key people to ensure that a personalised service is provided and that each individual is involved in setting up their care plan. We respect the rights of individuals to make informed choices about their lives and ensure that all information is provided to individuals in a format that they can use and with any necessary support to understand it. We have a variety of support packages designed to be fully customisable for each individual, giving as much or as little support as they need, and in a manner and at a time to suit them and each individual will be supported to understand and select the care that best suits their needs. Support is provided within the individual’s home and our staff team respect the diversity of all individuals. We can also support you to identify and access an independent advocate.

Personalised care, treatment and support

Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd is committed to a person-centred approach and each individual will be involved in designing and implementing a care package that suits them. We use small local teams to provide care at a time and in a manner that suits each individual and ensures that their needs are met and their wishes respected. This will include, where appropriate, ensuring that nutritional and hydration needs are met, including support with shopping, menu planning, cooking and eating. All of our staff members are expected to work in a person-centred manner and there is a process of recording and review to identify any changes in an individual’s needs or preferences and make adjustments for these as and when necessary. We take a holistic view of the person and strive to support them to identify needs and preferences in every aspect of their lives, including but not limited to physical and mental health, social and personal relationships and emotional well-being. We work alongside the individual’s key people and any other service providers as required to ensure consistency of care and sharing of necessary information. This will include supporting appointments where necessary and/or providing any information or evidence required for these appointments. We have an on-call system designed to minimise risks in an emergency situation and ensure that there is provision for any foreseeable emergencies. In addition, each individual will have assessments completed to identify and minimise and risks arising from day to day activities.

Safeguarding and Safety

Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd recognises that the safety and protection of service users is of paramount importance. We ensure that all our staff members have enhanced disclosures and relevant training in identifying and reporting signs that may indicate abuse. Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd has a zero tolerance approach to all forms of abuse and a clear procedure for reporting concerns. All service users are taken seriously if they make any allegation of abuse, and all complaints will be responded to appropriately with the involvement of CQC, Safeguarding Adults Board and the police where appropriate. Any investigation into an allegation of abuse will be carried out by one of these organisations and not by Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd. Where support with money management or finances are given, an individualised record is kept, including logging all receipts for monies handled. All our staff members are aware of appropriate standards of hygiene and infection control measures. Where support is given with medication, an individual medication profile and recording procedure will be used to ensure that all medication is held securely and administered at the appropriate times, in the appropriate manner and while taking account of the individual’s preferences and dignity.

Suitability of Staffing

Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd uses small local care teams to provide support to individuals in their own homes. We ensure that each member of staff has an enhanced disclosure and a thorough interview process to ensure that they have the relevant attitude, experience and qualifications to provide personalised high quality support. The majority of care provided by Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd will be one-to-one, however there may be occasions or activities that require two-to-one support. These activities will be identified during the assessment and review process and provision will be made for them. We believe that all service users have the right to be involved in the selection process for the staff members who will be supporting them, and were an individual or their key people wish to be involved in the process then this will be arranged. All our staff members receive adequate supervision to ensure that they remain physically and mentally fit to carry out their role and to address any concerns or requirements that they or the company may have. We encourage good team working, including accurate and legible recording to promote confidential sharing of information and consistency of care. Every member of Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd’s staff is given a copy of the General Social Care Council’s Code of Conduct for Social Care Workers. The Forget Me Not Home Services Ltd staff team is offered regular and varied training courses to ensure their continuing professional development and that mandatory knowledge and skills are kept current. Additional training to meet the changing needs of the service users will also be provided.


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